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Body Express Solutions - Short flexible treatments if your short of time. 


BodyRelax Express - A dedicated back treatment which works the muscular cells which are the main cause of deep tension built up within the dorsal. Incorporating Body Relax+ Essence, this infusion of Hemp Oil and Cocoa Bean offers a warming sensation and promotes a sense of wellbeing.30mins

BodySlim Express - A dedicated treatment to target the Ileo-cecal valve to aid the breakdown of visceral shells built up in and around the colon and intestines which cause discomfort. Incorporating BodySlim+ Essence, this infusion of Pink Pepper Oil and Camellia Oil accelerates the breakdown of fatty acids and contributes to the elimination of toxins.30mins£35.00

BodyFirm Express - A dedicated treatment to sculpt the silhouette by targeting tissue cells which affect our morphological structure. This will restore definition and tonicity within the body. Inca Inchi Oil and Spilanthes Acmella fight against loss of firmness and possess anti-free radical properties which protect the skin from aging.30mins

Body Specific Solutions - 30/45 minutes

Push-Up-Bust - A dedicated exfoliation and mask treatment to firm the bust and decollete with adapted massage techniques to restore tonicity. Extract of Guarana in the BodyFirm Wrap stimulates cellular metabolism to visibly firm and tone the skin.

Rebalancing Back - A dedicated Back treatment offering a choice of a purifying and invigorating facial treatment for the back or a relaxing and harmonising treatment to target deep rooted tension. To purify, a specific acid combination extracted from an African tree regulates sebaceous activity. To relax, an infusion of Cocoa Bean extract and Hemp Oil offers a warming sensation and promotes a sense of wellbeing. 

Cool Legs - The perfect treatment for anyone suffering from Heavy Legs. A treatment perfect for physical activity enthusiasts as it accelerates muscular recovery, by activating the blood circulation and acting on water retention. From the first session, the Cool-Legs treatment provides an immediate cooling sensation leaving the legs drained, decongested and fee from any discomfort.

Body Essential Solutions - 45 - 60 minutes
Silky Soft Skin - A modelled exfoliation which stimulates the cell renewal, reveals the sweetness of a new skin and creates a sense of well-being. Using extracts of natural Ricin Seeds to gently polish the skin, this allows a deeper penetration of Hyaluronic acid which contributes to protecting and preserving the epidermis by soothing and hydrating. The addition of a Body Konjac Sponge provides another form of exfoliation whilst gently removing the polishing grains.

9 Months - The perfect mother to be massage experience to enjoy from the second trimester. Adapted techniques provide comfort, well-being and support to the new mother. The massage is tailored to ease away stress and tension and the application of Stretch-HA a smoothing gel-cream provides a dual esthetic action, to correct and prevent stretch marks from occurring.

Essential Body Harmony - This full body treatment uses calming energy of the 'water' element, proceeding from the head to the feet using Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi relaxation techniques. A complete cocooning and soothing massage with adapted personalisation of relaxing, firming and slimming options to address concerns.

Essential Body Energy - This full body massage uses the expansive energy of the 'fire' element, proceeding from the feet to the head using Swedish massage uplifting techniques. A complete cocooning and invigorating massage with adapted personalisation of relaxing, firming and slimming options to address concerns.

The Body-Expert Solutions 90 - 120 minutes

The complete treatment ritual to have seasonal to revitalise the body and mind.

Harmony or Energy Experience - A bespoke option for the complete experience with the choice of a luxurious full body exfoliation, dedicated wrap and a relaxing or uplifting massage with the added personalisation of relaxing, firming or slimming techniques to complete this ritual. Taking you on a sensorial journey with a totally bespoke and combination of active ingredients adapted to meet your treatment needs.
Scrub and Massage
Wrap and Massage
Scrub, Wrap and Massage