Beauty by Louise

Flash Solution Treatments

The made to measure moment for skins in a hurry. These five treatments are designed to give you maximum skin care within a short space of time. An irresistible art of introduction to facials and initial skin care.

CORRECTIVE – This express anti-ageing treatment is thirst quenching, smoothing and plumping. Ensuring your skin is saturated with moisture to ensure a younger more revitalised appearance to the skin.

SENSITIVE – An ultimate skin saviour for the most delicate and reactive skins. Bursting with ingredients to soothe, calm and strengthen a sensitive & stressed skin. Primarily working to reduce redness, extinguish sensitivity and plunge your skin into a bath of nourishing, repairing hydration.

PURETE – When your skin needs rescuing from blemishes, imperfections and congestion, this introduction to balancing and brightening is essential. Perfect formulas to target an unbalanced oil production, break down skin congestion and deep cleanse. This problem solver is a wonderful way to a happier, healthier skin. Leaving the skin clearer, brighter and with targeted anti-ageing care.

DENSITE – An express anti-ageing treatment to reshape, restructure and firm the facial contours. Using state of the art formulations to blur lines and wrinkles whilst plumping and smoothing the skin resulting in a more youthful appearance.

ECLAT – The perfect express treatment for the overworked, sleep deprived and time sensitive skins to renew your glow. This power packed vitamin booster for the skin will reawaken, boost radiance and refine the skin’s texture leaving skin illuminous with health and vitality.




Treatment Time
30 minutes
Add on to another treatment (20 minutes)


FONDAMENTALE SOLUTION – 60 Mins - This nourishing treatment is for thirsty and undernourished skins. Providing a blanket of rich and powerful ingredients to cherish the skin and restore suppleness and comfort. Packed with antioxidants that strengthen the skins defences against the harmful bacteria’s that sap the skin of its energy. The skin will appear glowing, healthy and renewed.

DELICATE SOLUTION – 60 Mins - Providing comfort and reassurance for a discomforted skin. Immediately cooling and soothing, reducing inflammation and strengthening the skin against sensitivity. This facial is brimming with ingredients that will restore the strengthening properties of the skin. Gently building your skin so it can tackle the harshest of environmental aggressions.

PURETE SOLUTION - 60 Mins - A powerful facial treatment to help the skin achieve visible perfection. The pores are tightened, the skin texture is clean and the shine is reduced. Specialising in ingredients that will act as an antiseptic to the skin. Removing any bacteria build up to leave the skin fresh balanced and radiant.

SOLUTION ECLAT –60 mins - A radiance, energising, skin perfecting treatment. Providing immediate answers to a dull, lifeless tired skin. Packing a powerful punch of Vitamin C, E & B3 to erase dullness, Glycolic acid to reveal a fresh skin & Damask Rose to leave your skin glowing and flawless.

REGARD SOLUTION – 45 Mins - Dedicating time to the most delicate area of the facial skin, this eye treatment has been designed to conserve the youth of the eye area. Wholeheartedly focusing all attention to the eye contour with a specialised alginate eye mask and cooling eye globes, to drain away toxin build up and smoothing lines and wrinkles. The supreme answer to awakening an area of the face that too easily mirrors the daily effects of today’s lifestyle.








Treatment Time
45 - 60 minutesfrom £52 - £65

Anti-ageing solutions 

our targeted professional care to solve skin needs related to ageing signs.


CORRECTIVE PEEL SOLUTION – 60 Mins - A targeted treatment to enhance the appearance of the skin by a gentle AHA peel. Inspired by medical techniques to specifically target lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and imperfections. This is the perfect anecdote to heal an imbalanced skin and the perfect alternative to cosmetic medicines. Ensuring you leave looking and feeling refreshed and radiant, with that ‘New SkinEffect’.

*Recommend booking a course for maximum results

**Book monthly or add to additional facial for maintenance

***Not recommended for sensitive skin

CORRECTIVE PLUMP SOLUTION – 75 Mins - This treatment has been designed to reverse the sins of our youth. Specifically developed to rejuvenate the skin so it appears younger and smoother. Blurring fine lines, plumping the wrinkles and smoothing the surface area of the skin. The perfect answer to a tired, lacklustre skin.

DENSITE SOLUTION – 75 Mins – This sensorial explosion, renews and transforms the skin at the hands of your personal expert. Your skin will be gently awakened with a soft exfoliation followed by a personalised massage to sculpt and an active mask applied to immediately transform the most fatigued of skins. A global anti-ageing treatment helping the skin to regain firmness, elasticity and plumpness.

Treatment Time
60-75 minutes
£60.00 - £70.00

Signature Solution –

The great global beauty care inspired by MATIS know-how and its iconic products. Solution Signature Cell Expert is a professional ultra regenerating & transverse youth impulse treatment.


SOLUTION CELL EXPERT VISAGE – 75 min - Our exclusive global beauty revealing treatments for a sensory & technical experience. Be immersed in a complete MATIS journey to rediscover a youthful complexion of hydration, smoothness, strength and the ultimate recharge. This exquisite treatment is the perfect solution to a tired, stressed or hormonal skin. Submerging the skin in luxurious textures and scents that will reset the skin, delivering an all-round feeling of wellbeing. Ultimately flooding the skin with the special blend of White Rose and Pea extract to protect our stem cells, protecting against ageing and guaranteeing a healthier complexion.

Treatment Time
75 minutes

Premium Reponse Luxury Experience

EXPERIENCE CAVIAR – 90 Mins - Offering the ultimate luxurious journey for your skin. Encapsulating 100% pure French caviar for recharging your skins every need. Packed with essential vitamins and minerals this sumptuous treatment encapsulates the essence of French Chic and palatial glamour. Ensuring you awaken from your treatment with a plumped, smoother, energised skin feeling indulged and gratified.



Treatment Time
90 minutes