Beauty by Louise


Would you like a daydream, getaway treatment? Would you like to feel as if your mind has had a holiday? MATISPA is a new way of seeing, thinking and practising body treatments. Combining Indian, Chinese and Greek traditions this is a body treatment that will lift you out of everyday reality, giving you a break with space-time, a bubble of sensations in which all of your perceptions are awakened.

All treatments work POLYSENSORY and are available in 4 axis...SLIM, DETOX, AGE, RELAX.


Body Exfoliation

This treatment is carried out using 1 of 3 exfoliating mediums available, soft, medium or intense. Each scrub contains Cranberry Seed Oil and Pomegranate Oil with each one having its own specific active ingredient. This treatment can be stand alone or combined with wrap and massage for a true MATISPA EXPERIENCE.

Body Massage

Using an oil or balm as the massage preperation, each contain 2 Active Oils and 1 specific active ingredient

Hempseed and Pomegranate Oil, Extract of Cacao Bean
Macadamia Nut and Sandalwood Oil, Extract from Spilanthes Acamilla
Cranberry and Inca Inchi Oil, Extract of Pink Peppercorn
Marula and Apricot Pit Oil, Extract of Quercertin

Body Wrap

This product come with glycerine in high content which naturally warms allowing deeper absorption of products. Professional use only.

Body Exfoliation
30 minutes
Body Massage
60 minutes
Body Exfoliation and Massage60 minutes
Matispa Experience (exfoliation,massage, wrap)90 minutes
Total Matispa Experience includes discovery facial